Adopted by George & Jade, he is happily residing in Florida. Born to Lola and Pauly on 1/28/2011.

Hello! This is Jade, the one that fainted while picking up the Chinchilla Persian kitten, haha. I just wanted to tell you how he’s doing! He is SO sweet and playful. He’s in crazy-mode right now, and looks like he’s chasing an imaginary friend- I swear he has one! He’s so adorable. He always licks our fingers, and purrs anytime you hold him. I’m holding and brushing him a lot so he likes it when he gets older. He follows me around everywhere, sleeps in my bed, and likes to hang out with me. One thing that I always find hilarious, he loves to walk on the keys on my laptop. He is so silly! We got him a laser light, he loves chasing it. He already learned how to use the litter box, in two days! A very quick learner. Every morning he likes to watch me do my makeup. He likes watching TV too. SO CUTE. There’s one thing that I loved, it happened on the way home. He was really squirmy and crazy, then “Firework” by Katy Perry came on. He calmed down! We were listening to a popular hits radio, so of course they play the same some about every ten minutes… But he got really restless and uncomfortable again, then “Firework” came on again! He was perfectly fine, you could tell he was listening. It’s happened about 4 times. I play it for him sometimes and he falls asleep in my arms. I call it his song. He’s sooo precious. I even made him a Facebook. He doesn’t have a name yet… We’ve had a few ideas, but none of them really call out to us. I included some pics I took of him! (I took about 100 already, ha!) Thanks so much for giving us this beautiful amazing kitten<3 We love him! He’s very happy. I remember you saying your 9 year old would be in tears if he saw the kitty leaving….. I felt so bad! You can let him know the kitty is very, very, happy.

-Jade (excuse the novel, I’m a talker.)


Hi, I have some updated pics of Joules, his eyes aren’t blue anymore, and his nose turned red/pink. We’ll be neutering him soon! He’s very happy and playful. (:



Notice the hair in his ears in these pics! He’s become quite the character, he’s a big help with my modeling shots.