Persian Kittens Available

Persian Kittens Available at HevenliSent

Pictured below tiny chinchilla kittens, they’ve been placed but we have litters on the way, contact us to reserve in advance, litters go quickly!  If you are interested in one of our sweet, tiny kittens please call Linda at 407-709-9541 or email for details.  If you prefer, you may also join our waiting list by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Teacup Persian Kittens for Sale at HevenliSentPersian kittens. Teacup describes the size rather than a breed, fully grown they will range 5-7 pounds for females and 6-8 pounds for males. Doll Face describes the type of face. WhiteChinchilla Silver and Shaded Silver describe the color. Persian is the breed. These are the smallest of the Persian breed. They have big round eyes outlined with black eyeliner, black mascara and beautiful white silky coats. Their fur is  adorned with silver tippings which sets this breed apart.

You can reserve now by emailing and placing a non-refundable deposit. When you reserve, you will receive weekly photos of your kitten via email from birth to eight weeks. Your deposit / payment is made in good faith and not refundable. If you place a deposit / payment on a kitten that is your commitment to that animal, and your agreement to these terms.

We offer shipping within the Continental United States, pickup from our Central Florida location, or delivery services to limited areas within Florida. International shipping is available as well.

You may join our waiting list by filling out the form below, you’ll hear back from us right away.

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