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Family with their Persian Kitten

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Welcome to HevenliSent Owner’s Page! A place our owner’s share their stories and show off their favorite snapshots of their Persian Kitten. We always include free bragging rights with every Persian cat and kitten. We love to hear from you!


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Customers Love their Persian Kitten!

Persian kittens from HevenliSent are greatly loved and admired by our customers. Our kittens are like small angels that make your lives wonderful. They are cute, adorable and make your heart pound with delight. The one thing that really amazes our customers is the ease with which our kittens adjust to a new home and a new family.

Our kittens are given due care and affection. They are also nurtured properly at HevenliSent. We not only breed Persian kittens in an ethical manner but we also raise them like little angels. Persian kittens at HevenliSent are comfortable around humans and socialize easily. We put them up for sale only after we have ascertained their comfort, nature and behavior.

Our customers trust our breeding methods and appreciate our grooming efforts. Kittens at HevenliSent have greatly influenced the lives of our customers. Our customers mention in their testimonials how our kittens have added zeal and joy to their family life. Families with small children are especially delighted, as their little ones have found a new amusement and a playmate.

Customers appreciate our fast and reliable delivery system. It is a well-networked system that delivers your kitten at your home – safe and sound.

Some have written of the tough time their friends and relatives have experienced in managing their pets and teaching them the basics of socialization. Our clients face no difficulty relating to the health and socialization of our kittens. They are healthy as well as well trained to mingle with everyone. Our Persian kittens will fit in easily your family members as well as your guests. There will be endless cuddling and running around! Our kittens are good at keeping everyone on their toes.

We welcome your questions as well as your kind words of appreciation. Looking forward to more letters from you……..

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