Persian Teacup Kittens – Snap Shots

Persian Teacup Kittens – From One Warm, Comfortable and Loving Home to Another

At HevenliSent, we have bred Persian Teacup Kittens for many years now. It is our goal to make beautiful, healthy and adorable kittens available to you. We want to perpetuate their beauty and warmth around you and us!

Our Approach to Care of Teacup Persian Kittens

White Teacup Persian kitten peeking over woman's leg

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We have raised our Teacup Persian Kittens with great care. We take care to groom them with affection and attention. As an example of a wonderful Persian cattery, we do not keep our cats and their kittens in cages. Our kittens have free reign to roam free. As a result of this grooming, our cute little Persian Teacup Kittens know how to behave in your homes and in front of your guests.

We have raised our kittens in a healthy and hygienic manner. They are beautiful, cute and well mannered kittens. Once you adopt a Teacup Persian Kitten, you will find them to be a valuable addition to your family.

Certified Healthy Teacup Persian Kittens

Like any pet, they must be vaccinated on time, nourished well and raised in healthy surroundings. Our kittens and cats have a clean, pollution-free home to frolic around. There is no risk of them catching a disease or infection resulting from an unhygienic environment.

Our Persian cats and Teacup Persian kittens are examined by certified veterinarians before they leave our home for yours. You receive a certificate of proof, and can be assured that you’re getting your money’s and expectation’s worth of a cuddly pet!

Get a Teacup Persian Kitten for a Pet Today!

Look at the cuddly darlings pose for you – their eyes are sparkly and their furs are flawlessly clean. Well-fed and gently-handled, they are pampered to the fullest. They are just as comfortable around humans as they are around fellow felines.

We know you will care for them as wonderfully as we do – get one today and make your loved ones happy!

Tabby Teacup Persian Kitten peeking from under blanket

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Newborn White Teacup Persian Kitten

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Visit our friends at CatsCreation to see even more adorable Persian Teacup Kittens!

5 thoughts on “Persian Teacup Kittens – Snap Shots

  1. where are you located and do you ship to SC? Also how much are your kittens and at what age do you ship them.
    Thank you so much for your response

  2. Hi… I am searching for my perfect little Teacup Doll Face Persian and have came across your site. Wondering if you could Email me some pictures with the Amt that you charge for each one. Here’s hoping that you have one available in my price range.

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